Vital Energy Reiki

Vital Energy Reiki is a new business in Penticton dedicated to the well being of all. I use crystals in conjunction with Reiki to aid in the clearing/unblocking and balancing of the chakras or energy centers. By balancing our chakras and clearing away any negative energy we allow ourselves to be in a natural state of harmony and well being. I have flexible hours, evenings and weekends available. During a session I typically start at the head or crown chakra and work my way through each of the seven chakras to the feet or root chakra, I use intuition to guide my hand positions and amount of time with each chakra. I use crystals under the table and will sometimes place them on your chakra centers to facilitate and aid in their clearing or unblocking. Essential oils will be used in a diffuser in the treatment room along with relaxing music.

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Come visitVital Energy Reiki at the 2019 Penticton Wellness Fair, October 26-27, 2019 (Sat. 10-4, Sun. 10-4) at the Penticton Community Centre.

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